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1) Web application, self-adaptable on all desktop and mobile operating systems.

2) Public application dedicated to share content created with the application development.

3) Superb performance even on entry-level mobile devices.

4) Global coverage with 13 cartography variants of OSM data.

5) Setting the initial default view with preferred base map with or without the possibility of selection of layers, editable at any time.

6) Setting custom startup views (marker and vector categories visibility) for every map

7) Advanced Search on all elements of the local and global geocoder database.

8) Selection Panel, organized by type and in alphabetical order independently.

9) Setting the start zoom and layer visibility by the operator.

10) Tool for updating and / or changing Groups and Categories.

11) Import CSV data, GPX, KML, KMZ, GeoJSON, shapefile (ZIP), compatible with multiple geometries and associated waypoints display.

12) Export data in GPX, KML, GEJSON.

13) Tool for creation and modification of geometric elements, such as: markers, routes, polygonal areas, circles and rectangles with a choice of color and thickness.

14) More than 140 unpublished icons for markers and unlimited custom icons.

15) Ability to set a time interval for the visibility of elements (useful with events)

16) Advanced HTML editor for adding custom code to popup elements.

17) Loading, visualization and querying of even moderate size shapefile attributes

18) Experimental Routing Tool to easily create accurate plotted along cartographic elements such as roads, streets, paths, etc. very useful for obtaining such paths. of runners, cycling races, excursions, events etc.