map maker tool

Printable maps

printable map

Now with Map Maker tool you can print out maps.
Print (on paper or PDF files, depending on the installed printers) can be activated by clicking a printer-shaped button, positioned below the geolocation button.

This is just the beginning

We have a lot of new exciting features to carry out in the next months! See them in the upcoming features page.

We really appreciate your feedback to enrich the wishlist with your best tips and ideas.


The first phase of the Map Maker Tool roadmap will be gain popularity on the world of web mapping tools.

Map Maker Tool is coming!

Starting from 2014 we began to develop our web mapping tool which is finally ready to join the competition.

The Open Alp Maps project has been the starting spark that gave the input to the new Map Maker Tool web service.

Our web mapping approach is original, has something different. We tryed to make it both powerful and easy to use.

ready to start

Now the journey has started, and we would like to do it with you.